Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pre diagnose

From about October 2000 I began experiencing back pain. My Doctor thought it was related to a back injury I suffered 12 months earlier so sent me to a physiotherapist for treatment. I agreed with his assumption, it seemed logical. The physiotherapist recommended back and stomach strengthening exercises which gave an initial improvement. Eventually the pain returned so I was sent off to an osteopath. Not much joy there, on reflection I am disappointed that the Osteopath did not detect multiple myeloma, after all they are bone and muscle experts.
The bone pain was increasing in my back, ribs and now my thighs. Getting in and out of bed was a mission, I could only sleep on my back and barely raise my head off the pillow.
Driving the car was becoming more difficult, it hurt getting in and out of the car and I could not twist my back to look where I was going when reversing.
I was on pain relief, Panadol and Paradex, which did help though it masked the problem.
At that time I was medically na├»ve, not proactive and very optimistic, “it will be better next week” I used to say. My multiple myeloma journey has taught me to remain optimistic, become more proactive and up skill on medical matters. Now, nothing is taken for granted.
My wife and I attended a Country Rock festival where I heard a joke from a performer Dennis Marsh about a jockey, plumber and a bed. It was hilarious, can’t remember it now, (chemo brain?), so hilarious I laughed so much I broke two ribs.
That triggered action from me, my GP and my medical insurer. Tests and x-rays were done and it was confirmed I had a cancer, multiple myeloma.
On June 1st 2001 my multiple myeloma journey began.

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