Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow my blog by email alert

Like to know how to follow my blog by receiving an email alert each time I make a new posting.
This comes from the Google Blogger Help Group:

Feeds, promotion and search indexing.
4. How do I notify people of updates to my blog?
Blog Alert will send your family and friends daily email notifications when there are new posts to your blog. They don’t need an account. They just need your feed URL and their email address.

Click on this link to access Blog alert.

Enter this information into the dialogue box.
Feed URL;
Email; Your email address
You will receive an email notification from Blog Alert for your confirmation.
After confirmation, when I make a new posting you will receive an email from Blog Alert that contains a link to my posting and the first 20 lines of my posting.
Click on my posting link to view the full posting.
Included in the email is a link to click if you no longer whish to receive Blog Alerts for my blog.

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