Friday, March 27, 2009

Follow my blog by feeds

Like to know how to follow my blog and too afraid to ask? Here is some help.
The assumption is your computer operating system is the same as mine; windows XP and internet explorer7. I am not sure how things work on other systems. See, I’m not perfect after all!
Following blogs by feeds is the easiest way I have found though it does rely on the blogs feeds being set up properly.

What is a site feed? An explanation is in this link.

Before starting, pick favourites center. For those who have never done that before (and I know 2 who are in that basket) that’s the big yellow star at top left.
There you will see favourites/feeds/history. Feeds are where we look for any feeds.

How to subscribe to my blog:
Scroll down to the bottom of my blog.
Pick subscribe to: Posts (Atom)
In the new window that appears pick “subscribe to this feed”
In the Subscribe to this feed dialogue box:
Name: retain default or edit or write what you want.
Create in: Your choice, default feeds directory or create a sub folder.
Pick subscribe.
The blog feed page opens.
Close the feeds page.
Pick favourites center then feeds.
There you will see my blog name or the name you wrote.
My blog is scanned regularly by feed readers. When I have made a new posting my blog name will be in bold text.
My blog feed is set up to show all postings in full. Other blogs maybe set up differently.
Helpful comments are appreciated.

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Sandy said...

This is really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write it out, step by step for those of us who need a little more instruction. Blessings!