Sunday, May 24, 2009

Myeloma bone pain

My bone pain was typical myeloma bone pain, very painful and never ending.
X-rays showed extensive bone lesions all over, 3 rib fractures, one collapsed and one partially collapsed vertebrae. No wonder I was in pain.
I had great difficulty getting in and out of bed, could only sleep on my back and could barely function. Sneezing and coughing was to be avoided, too painful. Bone lesions in my hips and thighs had me hobbling along.
I knew where all the road pot holes and car park speed humps were, it was too painful to drive over them at speed.
Travelling to and from work was 12km by bus and I learnt when to brace myself to avoid pain. One evening we had a temporary driver who must have been Meatloaf’s brother as he drove like a bat out of hell. That was a painful journey.
The hospital arranged a bed support enabling me to get in and out of bed easier. My wife helped me get dressed and to shower.
My response to treatment of VAD and the bisphosphonate Aredia was excellent and as the bones healed the bone pain reduced. Later I had an autologous stem cell transplant eventually reaching the multiple myeloma plateau stage and no more bone pain.
The biggest relief was to be able to roll over in bed and sleep on my sides and to be able to twist my back when reversing my car to see where I was going. Best of all was to be able to cuddle Myra, squeeze her tight and be free of pain.
When you have myeloma bone pain it never goes away. You take the pain relief, that dulls it down but it’s always there. It can destroy the soul.
Myeloma bone pain hurts, it really, really hurts. It sucks.


Rita said...

Your story gives me and my mother hope. She was diagnosed back in 03 with stage 1, but since then her M-protein levels have increased, as has the bone pain, the narcotics the doctor has prescribed has done nothing and now she is thinking she may try Aredia, hopefully this will help with the pain. I read your blogs to her over the phone and she felt better knowing someone understands the pain and suffering she is in, please keep them coming.

Thank you from Ontario Canada

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles said...

That means there is some help from stem cell.Good that t helped you are you are feeling better.I know how hellish a bone pain could be.