Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Positive affirmations

A tool used during my myeloma treatment and recovery has been positive affirmations. Something I have often used throughout my life. Success will come when you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which clicks.
“If I can say it, I can do it”.
This keeps me focused on a positive outcome. In an earlier posting; a way forward, I said, At home that evening I stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking straight into my eye and said “My name is Sid Hider. I have cancer, multiple myeloma. It is a cancer with no cure. I am going to fight it. I will be a survivor, I will be a survivor”.
That was a strong positive affirmation. Note the use of the first person…...I. To make the affirmation more powerful and personal I said it out loud in front of the mirror.
Negative words are avoided especially …don’t…not…can’t…won’t.
Shorter affirmations are easier to remember and repeat.
I wrote down a list of affirmations to read and use when needed.
Constantly repeating the affirmation verbally and in my mind gave me a positive focus on a healthy outcome.
Some sayings used during my treatment and recovery included:
“I am a survivor”.
“Never give up, never never ever ever give up.”
“I am stacking the odds in my favour”.
“I am healing”.
“I will get better”.
“My myeloma is being attacked”.
“My treatment is working”.

There are books and web sites that can help with positive affirmations.
Positive affirmations: Another tool to use for surviving cancer.


armouris said...

info on multiple myeloma here - Multiple Myeloma

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Good post on positive affirmations.

karim - Positive thinking