Monday, August 17, 2009

Myeloma transplant - Dry skin

Chemotherapy, effects of stem cell transplant and air conditioning are causes of dry skin. For me this was on the face and back of hands and to a lesser extent on my legs. During transplant I used the recommended moisturiser and soaps daily and a lip balm day and night. Keeping my fluids up during transplant to help dehydration was difficult needing me to be given fluids intravenously.
Dry skin continued for about 6 months after both transplants then slowly reduced but is still present. After experimenting with moisturisers I now use an Emu oil based moisturiser which suits my dry skin. It seems to penetrate deeper and lasts longer.

Sid uses lippy!
Yes it’s true, Sid uses lipstick. Well lip balm, still the same?
All my life I have had to be careful in the outdoors due to my fair complexion. Too much sun or wind sees my lips dry out, crack and start to develop cold sores or chaffed lips.
Since myeloma arrived I have regularly used a lip balm to keep my lips moist.
While on chemotherapy or in hospital I used my lip balm three or four times a day. Now it’s several times a week or when outside.
Since using my lippy regularly I have not had cracked lips or cold sores.
I favour the flavoured lip balm, strawberry or lemon.
Excuse me now; I need to apply my lippy.

This is one of “part 2” a series of postings relating to my autologous stem cell transplant for myeloma. As they are complete the posting series can be found under labels/part 2 [Part 2 link]

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