Thursday, September 3, 2009

Myeloma transplant - Mucositis

From other myeloma transplant patients who had a myeloma stem cell transplant a common comment was about mucositis, mouth and throat issues.
From transplant day one I maintained a rigid commitment to following the recommended teeth and mouth wash process even when I didn’t feel like it. My attitude was not negotiable; it was in my interest to maintain a healthy mouth during transplant. The mouth wash was supplied by the hospital.
During the first transplant I had no mouth or throat issues. Unfortunately during the second transplant for two days I had difficulty with mucositis, saliva became thicker and being unable to swallow. To overcome this, my medication was given intravenously and pain relief increased. Once my white counts started to rise the mucositis disappeared.
Day 3 was when I first started to feel a change in my mouth. When my white counts started to rise as my stem cells engrafted it was on day 13 that my mouth began to return to normal.
Food and fluid intake became a hassle while mucositis was present.
[Food link] and [Nausea]
Preparation before transplant is important. My dentist was briefed about my transplant, a dental check was completed with no action required. Healthy gums and teeth help in the prevention of any mouth hygiene issues during transplant. My dentist gave good advice on hygiene, teeth and gum cleaning which was similar to the transplant team advice.
Mucositis and painful mouth and throat issues can be controlled by pain relief administered by the transplant team. It is short term, once the white cells start increasing the problem subsides.

This is one of “part 2” a series of postings relating to my autologous stem cell transplant for myeloma. As they are complete the posting series can be found under labels/part 2 [Part 2 link]

Mucositis: Inflammation of the mouth and throat lining which often occurs after high dose chemotherapy.


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