Saturday, September 19, 2009

You searched for that!

On my blog there is a site meter that shows the number of visits I receive. I can access my site meter and read where any referrals come from. Referrals from Google or other search engines make interesting reading.
Here is a short list of recent search results that were directed to my blog “Sid’s multiple myeloma journey”. (My reference posting is in brackets)

Multiple myeloma stage 0
How do you diagnose myeloma? (Pre diagnose)
Myeloma and hypercoagulable state.
Vision and myeloma. (Central vein occlusion)
Myeloma plasmacytoma. (History)

Bone pain myeloma; (Myeloma bone pain)
Myeloma pain relief; (Myeloma bone pain)
Could pelvis pain be multiple myeloma? (Myeloma bone pain)
Bone pain in humerus. (Myeloma bone pain)
How intense is myeloma bone pain. (Myeloma bone pain)

Multiple myeloma VAD treatment. (My VAD treatment for myeloma)
Myeloma stage 3 treatment plan.
Tempazepan medication. (VAD treatment for myeloma)
Myeloma stage I, survivor’s natural treatment;
Sore bum while on chemotherapy. (Transplant dry skin)
Cold sores and myeloma. (Transplant dry skin)

Stem cell transplant multiple myeloma. (Transplant stem cell collection)
Harvest stem cells in myeloma. (Transplant stem cell collection)
Myeloma stem cell mobilisation. (Transplant stem cell collection)
Baldness after myeloma transplant; (Transplant hair loss)
Relapsed multiple myeloma transplant will it help and work
Autologous stem cell transplant diarrhoea. (Transplant diarrhoea)
Multiple myeloma dry skin on legs; (Transplant dry skin)

Final stage
Final stage of myeloma. (Confronting death)
End stage multiple myeloma. (Confronting death)
Death from myeloma. (Confronting death)

Myeloma aggression or swearing or moods. (Dexamethasone)
Myeloma blog; (Sid’s multiple myeloma journey)
Positive affirmation forums: (Myeloma bone pain)
Affirmation survivor. (Myeloma bone pain)
Eating with myeloma. (Transplant food)
Foods for myeloma. (Transplant food)
Lemon juice for myeloma. (Transplant food)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sid,
I'm a daughter with MM diagnosed mom since many yrs ago. Your blog will be much beneficial for us and others. I admire your effort. I'm a Buddhism, we always beleive in The Buddha's teaching "do good, get good". You deserve that, for sure.
Keep going & be strong!!
From a Thai daughter.

Sid said...

Thank you "Thai daughter" for that Buddha's teaching and kind comments on my blog..
Keep loving your Mum and looking after your Mum.
Mum's are special.