Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some good news

Some good news today and a disappointment.
My Haematologist was unavailable, had the registrar instead. Valcade application has been declined by Pharmac again, more about that when I return from my holiday.
Now the good news.
August 2008 I had my second autologous stem cell transplant, early 2009 my IgG level started to rise.
After 4 months of cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone my IgG level has lowered from 24 down to 8.8 (880 USA). The normal range is 7 to 16 (700 to 1600 USA). This is the lowest it has been since first diagnose, then it was 80!!!
My bone pain and restricted movement have disappeared. I can drive to a car parking building, reach out to get my ticket pain free. When reversing my car I can twist my body and see where I am going. Road and shopping mall speed humps are now travelled at a faster speed, to hell with the suspension let’s have catch up time.
I can now run after and chase my grandchildren.
All my myeloma friends will understand what I am saying. With myeloma, when the good times are there, take them.
I feeeeel goooood.


John said...

Congratulations Sid! I am glad to hear the bone pain has vanished and your mobility is improved. Yes, enjoy the respite, which is arriving just in time for summer.

Nick said...


I am so happy to hear of your progress! That is WONDERFUL news!

I think of you often and consider you a kindred spirit in our joint struggle against this disease -- you have endured so much, and you maintain an admirable positivity. You have also been very kind in your comments to me, and I appreciate your support and good will.

I hope Pharmac gets their head out of their you-know-where and allows you to get Velcade, which as you know is probably the most important drug that exists against Myeloma. However you should (and I am sure you do) take great heart from the fact that you have responded so well to your current therapy! I did some cyclophosphamide and a lot of dex (still on it) so I know the side effects -- but they pale in comparison to the progress you have made! I am so happy for you!

I love that you feel good -- I love that you can play with your grandkids -- and I love that you are so resilient.

God bless you and yours, my friend.