Sunday, October 11, 2009

Been too busy!

My last posting was back on September 19th. All is well, just been too busy, some of which is explained in this posting.
Chemotherapy and dexamethasone has reduced my IgG down to 10. It was decided one more cycle then reassess. What happens next? I will listen to my consultant on 20th October then present my list of my options and questions, an important day for me. There is still no decision on Valcade being funded by our health system.
Myra and I attended a Lymphoma awareness day here in Auckland put on by the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation (LBF). Survivorship was the theme, something close to my heart.
That got me motivated to ask our myeloma group co-ordinator if I could prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation for our myeloma support group on my survival from diagnose in 2001 through to the end of my initial VAD treatment. She was happy for me to do that so I chose 6 survival skills that I used which I will elaborate on in other postings. A previous posting Decision made to be a myeloma survivor was my starting point.
There were a surprising number of questions from the group on my bone pain which will be another presentation next year. Two previous postings Myeloma bone pain and Morphine for myeloma bone pain are popular search engine hits on my blog. Some one with myeloma bone knowledge like orthopaedics will talk first followed by my experience.
Work hours have increased since a mid-year downturn. I am a structural draughtsperson on a casual employment contract that suits me for health reasons. No more long hours or weekends. Work keeps me normal, my brain active and brings the dollars in. That along with more time on my religious studies has cut into blog time.
My “transplant series” has about 6 more postings to complete. That will be followed by the first plateau/remission stage, more about fun and life there.
At the end of the month we are having 2 weeks holiday (USA = vacation) so no postings then.
It’s spring here in New Zealand, warmer weather so time for vegetable garden preparation and growing. In particular money maker and sweet 100 tomatoes, spring onion, lettuce, radish, silver beet and leeks.
Have fun, be happy.


liv said...

I am new to your blogs.You are very brave one to give us what you feel through this disease.


Sid said...

No problem, people helping people.

Susie Hemingway said...

Glad to read all is going along well Sid - have a great Holiday.