Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peripheral neuropathy reduction

I have been suffering from peripheral neuropathy caused by thalidomide maintenance for multiple myeloma. After stopping thalidomide the peripheral neuropathy reduced but was still present. The soles of my feet were numb (about 6/10), my feet were often cold and when cold painful, I wore my socks 24/7, I could not walk in bare feet.
To relieve the peripheral neuropathy symptoms I use a multi-vitamin B (including B1, B6, B12 and folic acid) and alpha-lipoic-acid (300mg one/day).
Recently I changed the brand and dosage of the alpha-lipoic-acid to 600mg per day, 300mg at breakfast and 300mg at dinner.
After 6 weeks I began to feel a gradual change in my feet. Now the numbness has reduced (about 2/10), my feet are rarely cold, can walk in bare feet and don’t have to wear my socks in bed.
I attribute this change to the increase in alpha-lipoic-acid.
I was prepared to increase the alpha-lipoic-acid to 1200mg/day but will stay at 600mg/day. If future treatment causes the peripheral neuropathy to return I will increase the alpha-lipoic-acid then and consider including L-carnitine and L-glutamine.

Myeloma legend Minnesota Don has made an excellent posting on his blog (myelomahope) summarising peripheral neuropathy treatment. The comment at the bottom by Habubrat on the use of alpha-lipoic-acid during chemotherapy is worth reading as well. Don has 7 other postings on peripheral neuropathy treatment found in his labels column.
David Emerson (Beating myeloma) has a good summary of alpha-lipoic-acid. It is worth searching for other peripheral neuropathy articles on his site as well.

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