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Myeloma transplant - Days -06 to 11

This is a daily diary of my autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) for multiple myeloma compiled from my diary and my own recollections.
My ASCT daily diary is over 4 postings, this is posting 2 of 4; days 06 to 11.
Link to posting 1; Days -02 to 05

Day 06:
Good sleep.
Nausea still present, worse from mid-day to 3pm, this left me down a lot and weepy.
Taking in small amounts of food and fluids. Central line redressed.
IV fluids continuing. Temperature spiked at 38C this evening.
Concentration reduced, stopped playing Sudoku and reading is difficult except in small bursts. Myra’s visits and help very much appreciated.
Bowels in full use. A bad day.
Treatment/medication: Panadol, Clexane, Temazepan, Ativan, Allopurinol, Vitamin C, Gentamian, [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x4, Zofran x2, Cyclizure],
[Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone].
Weight 67.15kg (148 lbs)

Day 07: White bloods hit zero.
Average sleep. Feeling not too well this morning, more nausea.
Temperature dropping, blood pressure stable.
Had more anti-nausea medication then taken for a chest x-ray, all OK.
Got up after x-ray, felt well when up.
No control over motions, a cough or sneeze would cause a motion, diarrhoea has arrived. Slightly better later in the day. Took codeine for bowels.
Change for the worse in the mouth and throat, mouth care continues.
White bloods <0.1 at the bottom. My visualisation scenario puts me in the swamp at the bottom of the valley. IV fluids continuing. Treatment/medication: Panadol x2, Clexane, Temazepan, Ativan, Vitamin C, Gentamian, Codeine x2 [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3, Zofran, Haloperidol x2], [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone]. Red bloods 3.59; white bloods <0.1; platelets 77; weight 66.30kg (146.2 lbs)
Link: Myeloma Transplant - Diarrhoea.
Link: Myeloma Transplant - Visualisation

Day 08: Mucositis increases.
Good sleep, Maxalon infusion at 4am, feeling not too good.
Mouth and throat mucositis kicking in. Keeping up the teeth cleaning and mouth wash routine. IV fluids continuing.
Poohed pants 3 times, taking pills to stop.
Dry skin is evident so Myra put moisteriser on me all over. Previously I was applying it on face and hands and using lip balm regularly.
I am concerned about steroid welts/rash.
Managing to eat yoghurt and resource drink supplied by the hospital.
Good sleep/rest in afternoon left me feeling better.
Dull headache at late evening.
Treatment/medication: Clexane, Temazepan, Gentamian, Codeine x3
[Anti-nausea: Maxalon x2, Zofran, Haloperidol x2].
[Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2].
Weight 67.2kg (148.2 lbs)
Link: Myeloma Transplant - Mucositis.
Link: Myeloma Transplant - Dry skin

Day 09:
Average sleep and a strange dream overnight.
Temperature up, first day of significant weakness/tiredness = fatigue, times are getting tough.
Still on the drip. Appetite has gone, sipping lemonade ice blocks that are rather tasteless.
Rash (folliculitis) is wide spread, not itchy or hot. It may be a reaction to antibiotics.
Vicky and Myra stayed to encourage me with food and drink. Frequent sips and small amounts of food often, forget breakfast/lunch/dinner.
Perked up in late afternoon and evening. Temperature had lowered.
Headache at bedtime, took liquid Panadol and tempazem, better after.
Treatment/medication: Panadol x2, Clexane, Temazepan, Vitamin C, Gentamian, Codeine x2, [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3, Haloperidol x2].
[Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2].
Red bloods 2.97; white bloods <0.1; platelets 19; weight 68.0kg (150 lbs)

Day 10: Hair loss noticeable.
Woke OK, temperature still up. Nausea again so took Maxalon.
Felt uneasy from throat down to gut, a bit like indigestion.
Haemoglobin low so had to have a blood transfusion, first one ever. Went OK, temperature went up and down over the 5 hours of transfusion. Felt good at end.
Bad diarrhoea in the afternoon.
Felt more like eating dinner, first for a long time, only ate a little.
Throat/nausea seems better, mouth still a bit rough with mucositis.
Hair loss becoming noticeable. Wearing a beanie or cap to limit heat loss.
Temperature up in the evening.
Treatment/medication: Panadol x2, Clexane, Temazepan, Gentamian, Codeine x2 [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3, Haloperidol].
[Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2]
Red bloods 2.84; white bloods <0.1; platelets 22; weight 67.85kg (149.6 lbs)
Link: Myeloma Transplant – Hair loss

Day 11:
Average sleep, no pills or sedatives which were my choice.
Temperature was down this morning.
Mouth and throat feel a bit worse. First time I have felt the throat entry.
Nausea today is minor, only using Maxalon to control it.
Rash still present but not itchy.
Tired in afternoon, slept one and half hours while Myra was here.
Temperature was up at 5pm, Nurse took a culture then more sleep.
Treatment/medication: Panadol, Clexane, Temazepan, Gentamian,
[Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3]. [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2].
Red bloods 3.77; white bloods <0.1; platelets 28; weight 66.90kg (147.5 lbs)

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