Thursday, February 4, 2010

Myeloma wish list

I have been thinking. What would be most helpful to make life better for myeloma patients? Here are some of my thoughts.

USB port:
It’s the era of computer development so why weren’t we born with a USB port some where on our body. Plug a lead from the port to the computer and through a computer programme we could diagnose, read all blood results and determine anything else that was wrong. If the programme was smart enough it could even do a bone marrow biopsy.
That would do away with finding veins.

Car park building ticket:
Ever tried to put your arm out the car window to get the ticket from the car park ticket machine while suffering myeloma bone pain? Sometimes I had to ask Myra to get out of the passenger seat and walk around to get the ticket out of the machine for me. I want an arm on that machine that extends into the car so I don’t have to reach out.

Speed humps:
Speed humps should be made from soft foam rubber that would help the bones!!!

Showering with myeloma bone pain and restricted movement is difficult. I need a showering machine like a car wash. Turn it on, walk in and let the brushes and rollers do the work.

Plumbing inlet/outlet.
Needles in veins for blood tests and IV lines could be avoided it we were born with permanent inlet outlet taps connected directly to a vein.

Electronic bed:
That’s already available and I have used one, a great help. During my second ASCT I had an arm in a sling and was suffering myeloma back pain. The hospital gave me the electronic bed complete with remote control. Move it up, move it down, raise the head, raise or lower the legs.


Susie Hemingway said...

I loved these suggestions and agreed with everything - loving the USB port thus saving all those journeys for results/blood tests etc. Great idea, bit like the bionic man of the early 70's Hamada has an electronic bed too - helps a lot.
This post cheered me up no end Sid

Pam said...

Your wish list is my wish list too--I am glad that you can find humor with this beastly disease.
Be well!!