Monday, February 1, 2010

Central vein occlusion again

A month after finishing my final VAD cycle for myeloma and 2 days after my stem cell harvest (2001) I developed blurred vision in my left eye resulting in a mild central vein occlusion. A previous posting of mine covered that.
Link: Left central vein occlusion.

Three and a half years later (April 2005) I developed blurred vision in my right eye.
This occurred during my first plateau stage. Two months earlier I had stopped taking Interferon Alpha-2A maintenance treatment. At the time of the blurred vision I was on no medication, all my test results were normal. An appointment was made to see the eye clinic at the hospital where the eye was inspected and tests were carried out.
The left eye (previous central vein occlusion) showed “no signs of the previous vascular event.”
The right eye presented a “swollen optic nerve with tortuous veins and numerous nerve fibre layer haemorrhages. There was diffuse macular oedema.”In simple terms the right eye showed a mild central vein occlusion.
No treatment was required and I was advised that over the next 3 months my vision would either improve or deteriorate. My right eye improved and returned to normal. As a precaution my hematologist prescribed a daily low dose aspirin (Cartia) to help thin the blood which I continue to have.
A follow up 9 months later showed that the right eye had returned to its normal state.
I have had no eye problems since.

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Sandy said...

Sid -- this is valuable information that you offer... and I am so glad that your medical team moderated the drug response to give your body a chance to do its own healing. Thanks for sharing!!