Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Myeloma blogs 1

If you are reading my blog (Sid’s multiple myeloma journey) you may be interested in other myeloma blogs. There are many ways to find these blogs.
Here are the three main sources that I use to access other myeloma blogs.

Planet myeloma
A myeloma blog roll created by Beth who is a myeloma legend, blogging since 2003.
At last count there were links to 36 myeloma blogs: June 2009
On the left of her blog roll are links to postings on listed blogs that have been created in the previous seven days, updated hourly.
I access planet myeloma daily to view the new postings.
Well done Beth, you have given the world wide myeloma family an excellent source of myeloma blogs.

Multiple myeloma forums
Created by Andy, April 2009.
On the home page is a list of featured blogs with a link to the entire myeloma blog collection, 35 so far: June 2009
While in myelomaforums web site have a look around. There is a good forum, featured articles, myeloma news, RSS feeds and much more.

Access your Google
Type myeloma blogs/enter.

Type myeloma blogs.
Pick down arrow at top
Select “more”
Select blogs.
For the latest postings pick “sort by date”.

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