Sunday, June 28, 2009

Myeloma beginner's help

The internet has a great source of information for newly diagnosed myeloma patients.
I recommend two articles found on the North Texas Myeloma support group web page. Unfortunately I cannot verify the date they were written or if they have been updated since publication, my emails were unanswered. Access the articles on the North Texas Myeloma support group web page by control/click the title.

Living successfully with multiple myeloma by Peter Tischler.
An informative article listing points that one must know and do to best ensure that one will survive myeloma with the quality of life one wants. I discovered Peter’s article in 2005, four years after my diagnose. Fortunately I had been doing most of what Peter suggests so just needed to fine tune my approach.
His main points are:
1. Take care of your kidneys.
2. Avoid infections.
3. Form a survivor team.
4. Don’t be a good patient.
5. Educate yourself. (this may be you, your partner or a family member)
6. Maintain your immune system.
7. Keep medical records.
8. Know your doctor’s limitations.
9. Early warning system – avoiding crises.

Myeloma 101 by Peter Tischler.
Myeloma 101 explains the basics of myeloma, diagnostic tests that are used and treatments for myeloma.
There are three levels of explanation: L1 simple explanation, L2 more detail, L3 more technical stuff.
Contents include:
Myeloma 101.
What is multiple myeloma?
The myeloma cell.
Myeloma protein.
The supporting cast.
How myeloma affects us.
Different types of myeloma.
Staging myeloma.
Testing – Blood tests.
Testing – Urine tests
Testing – Scans.
Testing – Other.
Treatment – Overview.
Treatment – Standard/frontline
Treatment – Maintenance.
Treatment – Transplants.

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