Monday, January 25, 2010

The corridor

To reach my haematology day stay appointment at Auckland hospital I went up a lift, out into a lobby then turned right into a long corridor about 50 meters long (USA 46 yards). When walking that corridor prior to an appointment it was natural to be apprehensive. The corridor was long, giving one time to ponder.
After the second month I was responding well to treatment, test results were changing for the better, my way forward was working. That gave me a positive feeling when leaving the appointment.
After successful results the long walk back down the corridor was used to celebrate success. I would glance at Myra; my face would break into a big smile, with my arms pumping into the air I would say “yes, yes, yes”. A couple of times after my bones had mended I jumped up to click my heals.
After the second month that corridor had more good memories for me than bad.
A couple of years later during my plateau stage the day stay was integrated into a new building, the long corridor was no more.
The corridor remains as one of my early myeloma memories.


Phil Brabbs said...

Hi Sid,
I just found our blog today and I look forward to following along as I continue on my journey as well. I see that you are in NZ. I am good friends with Nick Willis who won the silver (for NZ) in the 1500m at the last Olympics (

Keep up the good work!


Sid said...

Thanks Phil,
I have been following your blog for a while now taking great interest in your clinical trial. You sure kicked your IgG's where it hurts, what a huge drop in a short time.
Always nice to read of your family as well.
Nick Willis, go Kiwi, a hero and a good Christian.
Wolverines???? ask Nick about real football.
Good health, Sid.