Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sid's story in LBF magazine

About this time last year I was interviewed by a journalist doing research for an article to be placed in the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation of New Zealand (LBF) magazine winter edition. LBF wanted a multiple myeloma patient who had myeloma long term and was willing to tell their story.
Encouraging others during their myeloma journey and sharing my experience has always been one of my aspirations. That was the motivation for me to agree to the interview.
I found it a step back 8 years into my myeloma past reviving many memories of my myeloma journey. Myra was present during the interview prompting me when my memory failed and sharing in the story.
Going through that whole process was another reason that motivated me to commence my blog.

A link to the magazine article (edited and 1.3mb) is here. LBF magazine.

A link to the full version (recommended) is here. Sid's story.

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