Thursday, December 3, 2009

Myeloma transplant - Days 12 to 15

This is a daily diary of my autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) for multiple myeloma compiled from my diary and my own recollections.
My ASCT daily diary is over 4 postings, this is posting 3 of 4; days 12 to 15.
Link to posting 1; Days -02 to 05
Link to posting 2; Days 06 to 11

Day 12: White bloods rise.
Bad night, took Temazepan, 2 hours good sleep then disturbed sleep. Woke with headache at midnight, took Panadol. Headache again at 5am again took Panadol. Didn’t sleep well overnight at all.
White blood count rose above 0 today, first rise since bottoming out on day 7.
Mouth feeling better reflected that, major breakthrough there. I am climbing out of the swamp.
Tried to sleep this afternoon, not too successful as woken up 3 times. Feeling better late afternoon.
Nausea setback at 5.45pm to 7.0pm, very strong. Given Maxalon through central line.
Trying to achieve 1.5L fluid intake today, previous average 900ml. IV fluids continue but at a lower rate.
Fluid intake today 1.25L first time over 1.0L, will do better when off the drip during the day.
Temperature up tonight 38.2C (100.8F) at 9.30pm.
Treatment/medication: Panadol x3, Clexane, Temazepan, Gentamian, [anti-nausea Maxalon x3, Zofran, Haloperidol]. [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2].
Red bloods 4.02; white bloods 0.52; platelets 60; weight 66.60kg (146.8 lbs)

Day 13:
Good sleep to 3.0am, woke with dry mouth. Nausea at 6.0am, had Maxalon. Lots of mucus, better after lots of burps. Temperature 37.8C.
Visit by physiotherapist. Continuing stretching, advised to keep using the Exercycle even if it is only 4 to 5 minutes a day.
Doctor took culture off rash. Nausea again from 1.0pm to 4.30pm controlled by Maxalon. Nausea restricted food and drink, I will do anything to avoid throwing up.
One hour sleep this afternoon. Fluid intake 1.6L today. Temperature 38.2C at 9.0pm.
Treatment/medication: Panadol, Clexane, Gentamian, [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3, Haloperidol x2], [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2].
Weight 65.3kg (144 lbs)

Day 14: Fever starts.
Good sleep overnight, mouth and lips still dry. Nurse said dilute the mouth wash and increase the lip balm.
Another nurse hint: for a dry mouth try sucking pineapple. Back on the drip all day.
Feeling hot this morning, cold waves after lunch then feeling cold. After coldness my temperature rose and I got hot again.
Doctor checked me and said we will change my antibiotics. Stop Cefpirone, add Meropenen. If successful the rash will reduce in 2 days.
Felt better in the evening.
This was the start of 4 days of fever. It was a new experience for me to suffer high temperatures, cold chills, rash and debilitating fatigue. My feeling was leave me alone, just let me be sick. I learnt what it was like to be bed ridden. That left me with a better appreciation of what others have told me about their fatigue experiences, easy to listen to, hard to imagine.
Treatment/medication: Panadol x3, Clexane, Temazepan, Gentamian, [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x2, Haloperidol x2], [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Cefpirone x2, Meropenen].
Weight 65.8kg (145 lbs)
Temp 0500---37.8C---100.0F
Temp 0900---38.1C---101.6F
Temp 1300---36.2C--- 97.2F (reduced by Panadol
Temp 1630---38.5C---101.3F
Temp 2020---38.1C---100.6F

Day 15: Incontinence.
Good sleep, up to the toilet for a pee every 2 hours over night.
Still on IV fluids
Tired, sleepy, rigors, fatigue coming on. Temperature up, spiked over the 38C.
Cold flushes after lunch, nausea continues, body rash still present first noted day 5. Antibiotic changed yesterday to see if that is the cause of the rash.
In the evening I did not feel like peeing until I stood up. On standing I could not make it to the toilet and wet my pants each time. The Doctor said ”ah, incontinence”. He tested my reflexes and wanted to get orthopaedics to investigate a link between my collapsed vertebrae and the incontinence.
Treatment/medication: Panadol, Clexane, Gentamian, [Anti-nausea: Maxalon x3, Haloperidol], [Antibiotics: Acyclovir x2, Meropenen].
Red bloods 3.78; white bloods 1.25; platelets 90; weight 66.3kg (146.2 lbs)
Temp 0500---38.1C---100.6F
Temp 0900---38.8C---101.8F
Temp 1230---38.2C---100.8F
Temp 1630---38.7C---101.7F
Temp 1900---38.0C---100.4F

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Laura Higgins said...

Thank you, Sid, for sharing your story. As a member of the MMRF, I know how important it is for patients and patient family members to know that there are others on the same journey. I wish you the best.