Saturday, December 26, 2009

Health update December 2009

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My fourth and final cycle of cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone was completed on 21st October.
IgG had reduced to 8.8g/l (880mg/dl) the lowest since diagnose June 2001. At commencement of the first cycle IgG was 22.2g/l (2220mg/l).
My two soft tissue plasmacytoma on my skull had disappeared after the second chemo cycle.
Unfortunately they began to reappear in mid November (IgG has stayed down) and by mid December had grown sufficiently for me to insist on action. I am now awaiting an oncology appointment then radiation. Again there is no pain or discomfort, just two lumps growing larger in size.
December 21st I started to get minor symptoms of shingles, tingling down the right side and back. No rash or blistering. My doctor said he could neither confirm nor deny it was shingles as there was no visible evidence. He gave me a prescription for Aciclovir and a soothing lotion just in case.
All else is normal.

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Bob said...

Thanks for sharing your journey.
I've recently been declared in "near complete remission" (first time). I'm considering the SCT, at least the harvest now.
Do you have any later updates on your journey?
Bob Fuller