Sunday, January 10, 2010

The golden archway

During my first autologous stem cell transplant I used a visualisation scenario.
Link: Myeloma transplant – visualisation.
The final part of that visualisation scenario was to reach the Golden Archway which represented my post transplant 100 day test results. To pass through the Golden Archway into a future I needed to have successful results.
This I achieved, my IgG was 9.6 g/l (960 mg/dl). At diagnose my IgG was 80g/l (8000 mg/l), pre transplant it was 23.1 g/l (2310 mg/dl). Success, I walked through the Golden Archway.
My future was unknown, how long would I be in the plateau stage, everyone wants to know the answer to that. There is no answer until the plateau stage finishes, then you will know.
My intention was to enjoy every moment, take advantage of my second chance, live for the “now’.
I needed an income so returned to work, initially part time, progressively moving to full time negotiating no more long hours.
Myra and I had had wanted to travel after retirement. After my haematologist said “travel, do it sooner than later” those travel plans were bought forward though somewhat reduced by my health and immune restrictions and income.
Walking through the Golden Archway created a new beginning.

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