Thursday, January 7, 2010

Helpful hints for myeloma survival.

Here are some helpful hints for myeloma survival that I have learnt or been given by myeloma friends.

Take ownership. It’s your illness no one else’s.

Denial, get over it.

Anger; be angry, deal with it, move on.

Create a knowledge base for myeloma.

Don’t listen to Aunty Mary stories, yours is unique.

If some one cannot say the word cancer out loud they are not on your side, tell them to go away.

Join a myeloma support group for friendship and knowledge.

Help is a phone call away, write down your important contact numbers.

When the day is dark, light a candle.

Some days are surrounded by monsters, there is no way in, there is no way out.

Learn how to say NO!

Learn how to GLARE!

Learn how to say GO AWAY! (Use your own words here)

Learn how to say THANK YOU!

Learn how to SMILE!


Go to appointments prepared.

Be knowledgeable, find out. Leave appointments with results and knowledge.

For pills keep a medication chart or blister pack.

Side effects will happen, be prepared.

Needles come with the myeloma package, overcome the fear.

Day stay / treatment day: You will want to pee. Practice going to the toilet with the IV lines attached before you need to. Practice perfection.

Listen to your body, it’s yours, you know it well. When tired: sleep. When hungry: eat. When thirsty: drink. When you want to go to the toilet: go.

If you want to help me, spend a day in my body, with my pain, with my treatment, with my side effects, with my head space.

Say goodbye to mother ship when the treatment is over, move on.


Celebrate success.

Practice positive visualisation.

Create some positive sayings that have meaning to you. Use the words “I” and “will”.

My treatment is working, I am healing, I will get better.

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strengths.

Take time off from being sick, have some fun.


John said...

Very cool Sid. Thanks for the reminders. I especially like the idea of positive sayings and participating in a support group.

Be well.

Susie Hemingway said...

Such a good list this, do hope all is going along well with you. All best wishes from us here in the UK

Sid said...

Thank you Susie and John,
I have 2 soft tissue plasmacytoma growing on my skull which require radiation starting next week. I will be doing a posting on that soon. Other than that all is fine, enjoying the NZ summer.
Susie, a big love to you and Hamada from Sid and Myra.