Monday, January 4, 2010

Part 3 Plateau stage commencement

My retrospective myeloma blog continues.
Part 1 “The beginning” covering initial diagnose and treatment was completed July 2009: Link to summary of part 1 the beginning.
Part 2 ASCT was completed December 2009: Link to summary of part 2 ASCT for myeloma.
I now start Part 3; the first plateau stage.
Results from my 100 day post ASCT were all good, IgG had reduced to 10.3g/l (1030mg/dl) from 80g/L (8000mg/dl) at diagnose and 31g/L 3100mg/dl) prior to ASCT.
My health was good, I had made an excellent recovery, my plateau stage had commenced.
This continued relatively uneventful until September 2006 when over a short period of time a plasmacytoma grew in my left humerus and shattered the bone.
IgG levels were still down and it wasn’t until the end of 2007 that they started to increase. My relapse had begun.
What happened after that will be in Part 4 “the relapse”.
The word remission is now frequently used in relation to successful myeloma treatments. When I was first diagnosed the term remission was not used as it was considered the myeloma will return. More about my views on that in a future posting.

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