Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Health update #01 4th Feb 2009

A health update from November 2008 through to today.
18th November was my post transplant 100 day test appointment day.
All results came in within the normal range.
The main suspect IgG was at 39 in June 08 now down to 9.9
Between 7 and 16 is normal.
I am now off the slow release morphine m-elson though I had some withdrawal symptoms when I reduced the morphine. That was the second morning being off the pace, just wanted to be alone to deal with the moods and three days of restless legs at bed time tapering off over seven days.
The bone fracture at the top of my left humerus has now healed with no issues in that arm now.
The bone in my right humerus which had the lytic lesion and was rodded in October 08 has healed. It is still work in progress for total use, mainly overhead reaching and using the arm behind my back.
There has been an increase in peripheral neuropathy in my feet. That is surprising as I stopped the thalidomide which was the original cause back in May 08. The fingers are back to normal. My haematologist has assured me that no medication since then would have caused peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms are cold feet and numbness in feet and toes. It may be the high summer temperatures we are having or not using my feet enough at work. I have to wear my socks 24/7 except in the shower or on special occasions. To help myself I am taking Vitamin B+, massaging my feet and legs with a foot roller from the $2 shop and with emu oil. Myra lets me use her foot spa which leaves my feet feeling good for about two hours.
At the end of November I drove my car for the first time since last May.
I returned to work at the beginning of December starting on four hours a day for two weeks then five hours a day. In January I increased that to six and a half hours a day. No problems at work with fatigue or back pain. It’s good to be back with my work mates and having that mental stimulation, a feeling of being “normal” again.
After being force fed all the nice Christmas food I recommenced our low GI diet in the new year. My weight is stable at 68kg.
Walking one hour at a reasonable pace is no problem now. That is done both days at the weekend and at least 30 minutes on each work day.
Chemo brain has returned, forgetting names, not finishing sentences without prompts.

IgG: Proteins produced by plasma cells.
Peripheral neuropathy: Damage to the nerves, usually of hands and feet.
Thalidomide: A drug used to reduce the growth and survival of myeloma cells.
Haematologist: A doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood, bone marrow and immune system.