Monday, April 26, 2010

Why did this happen to me?

I was due to start my rescheduled myeloma Revlite clinical trial on 15th April 2010. Unfortunately the evening before the trial I developed huge pain in my right femur the one that had been rodded and pinned 2 weeks prior. I could not apply any weight to my right leg. Next morning I could not get out of bed so phoned the hospital who cancelled my trial and ordered an ambulance to take me to hospital.
X-rays were taken that showed I had a small fracture at the lytic lesion.
The next 8 days were spent in hospital. Orthopaedics confirmed that the rod and pins were all in place with no problems there.
My pain killers were increased and physiotherapy commenced with leg exercises in bed. The rod and pins in my left humerus were giving me pain limiting the use of crutches. It was decided I needed a walker designed to take pressure off my arms. It has 2 handles for my hands like a triathletes handle bar and a flat padded base that I can lean on.
After 8 days I was released home in a wheel chair along with my walker.
Next haematologist appointment is Tuesday 27th April where we discuss what happens next.
This has been a huge disappointment to me with 2 attempts at the clinical trial being postponed at the last minute.
After reading of side effects of Lenalidomid and dexamethasone that others have experienced I wonder if it is worth having chemotherapy until the leg fracture is healed and I am mobile again. The side effect of cramp on a fractured leg worries me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lytic lesion right femur update

My right femur is making good progress 13 days after full length rod and pins to support a lytic lesion.
There was no bone fracture so that reduced the pain. I am getting about on crutches with good rotation of the ankle, knee and hip.
The wounds are clean with no seepage.
Next Monday I visit the orthopaedic out patients for x-ray, stitches removed and examination.
The following day I have an appointment with my haematologist to review my clinical trial that never got started. The day before my leg rodding I had an MRI scan which identified a few problems that require attention. When these are addressed will have to be discussed.
My right leg needs radiation. I can’t start the trial until 4 weeks after radiation.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lytic lesion right femur

I have been offline for 12 days, here’s why.
Sunday 21st March 2010 I was out for an hours walk with Myra. After 5 minutes I started limping. 20 minutes later I had to stop for a rest then limped slowly back to the car. We drove home where the situation got better with pain relief and rest.
Next day while off to work in the bus I developed back spasms and more pain causing me to return home for pain relief and rest. Took the next day off. The following day no improvement so phoned daystay who said come in for an examination and x-rays.
The x-rays went to radiology and orthopaedics and later that day my good news/bad news came back.
Good news was we know what the problem is.
Bad news is we are transferring you to North Shore hospital immediately by ambulance.
My right thigh bone (femur) has a pathological lytic lesion in the bottom third about to fracture. Myeloma was eating it away from the inside out. There had been no prior warning, no pain at all. I was unaware of a lesion there, this was totally unexpected.
So I was hospitalised for an intramedullary reconstruction of the right femur. Full length rod and pins.
After the anaesthetic block wore off the leg became very painful. I am home now; pain is getting less though I am still weak and tired. Movement is returning to the leg so I am starting to get around on crutches.