Friday, September 17, 2010

Rev-lite trial: end of cycle 5.

I was at daystay on Tuesday for my monthly Rev-lite trial consultation and Aredia.
All is well, all is stable, and test results remain in the normal zone, an uneventful medical month.
Cholesterol has returned to normal as well thanks to the diabetic diet.
The glucose reading is excellent considering what it was at diabetes diagnose. Thanks to the diet my fasting HbA1c % = 6.6
Perhaps I can now loosen up a bit and have some occasional treats.
I did have a pie on Fathers day, the local Green Bay Bakery award winning chicken and vegetable pie. I sniffed it, slowly ate it and made it last.
That ends cycle 5, now onto cycle 6.
I am now on my steroid dexamethasone 4 days a cycle which has made a big difference to quality of life. That's 23 days without it. Sleep has returned to normal except for those 4 days, the real Sid has returned. That doesn't stop me from talking to drivers who take the space between me and the next car or telling the footy referees of their mistakes.
Myeloma for me now is a series of treatment, remission, relapse etc though I hope the latest treatment is an extended remission. We use the theory when in remission do it now rather than later.
Therefore we are having a holiday in November, a 10 day coach tour of the bottom half of the South Island. We have previously seen the top half now we take in the remainder. Being a coach tour I can sit back to be taken every where and look out the window at the scenic wonders. We intend to take a scenic flight over the Southern Alps, Mt Cook and the glaciers as a big memory.
I am returning to work at Beca part time on the 20th, 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. There I am looking forward to the people contact and more brain involvement. More time depends on how I cope and work load availability, no worries about that.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back in Blogsville and an earthquake.

Back in Blogsville.
Not many postings from me recently mainly due to the impact of being diagnosed a diabetic. Diabetes has taken the wind out of my sails.
I am comfortable with myeloma, had it for over 9 years, been through several treatment/remission/relapse phases, keep up to date with myeloma news and now it seems Revlimid and dexamethasone have lowered my IgG levels down into the normal range.
Diabetes is an unwelcome invader into my body, just like myeloma was. Eight weeks on I am coping much better, accepted it and moving on to find my new normal.
Let the postings resume.

Three days ago there was a major earthquake in New Zealand (7.1) causing considerable damage to a major south island city, Christchurch. I live about 1050 km (655 miles) away in the north island. All is well here.
Buildings in NZ these days are built to strict earthquake codes and seem to have survived major damage. Older buildings and homes seem to have suffered considerable damage, many are being demolished.
There was no loss of life mainly due to the quake occurring at 4.30am.