Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loss of independence

When I was in hospital recently for my myeloma lytic lesion right Femur rodding and lytic lesion right femur fracture LINK I was bed ridden.
I could not use or put weight on my right leg. This left me dependent on help from other people, my independence had gone. My independence stopped at my finger tips.
It became evident what my essentials were: cell phone, radio, diary, pen, lip gel, hand wash, clean underwear and bathroom bag. All were kept in 1 drawer that I could reach or in a plastic container on top of that drawer.
Non essentials were in another drawer and cupboard out of reach to me.
I had to learn to ask for help and press the help buzzer. The nurses were good, as they said their job is to help the patients.
Physio gave me a range of exercises to do in bed several times a day mainly to get the leg working again. Towards the end of the bone fracture stay they encouraged me to get out of bed to use a walker. This was a struggle as I needed increased short term pain relief to cope with the leg bone pain. My pain relief is controlled release oxycontin tablets, 40mg morning, 30mg evening.
When I was discharged from hospital to home I was still in hospital help mode. The occupational health team inspected our home, gave me a wheel chair and a big walker, put in a ramp at the door step, increased the height of my bed and 3 seater with packers, gave me a bath board, shower chair and commode.
Myra had a serious talk to me about self help and that she could not do everything for me. She had taken 4 weeks leave from work to help me through the first cycle of the Rev-lite trial and during leg recovery. I was in a wheel chair, in pain from myeloma and the bone fracture; both gave me restricted movement. I was not helpless so we discussed what I could or could not do and set some new achievement goals.
It is now 3 weeks since discharge. The myeloma and bone pain has reduced; I can move my leg sideways where previously I could not. I am using the walker more walking 30 minutes 3 times a day along with the walker exercises. There is less restricted movement; I can get in and out of bed by myself, showering myself, drying the dishes at the sink and back in charge of the TV remote. There has been a big step forward.
I am regaining my independence.


Susie Hemingway said...

This post today has been the best of news! I have just read this to Hamada and he has said "What an achievment and well done Sid"
I will pray that this great improvement continues. Enjoy your sport on TV. Football world cup shortly and like Hamada I know you enjoy Rugby too. Make the most of it - soon you will be out walking once again.
All very best wishes to you and Myra

feresaknit said...

At least you're drying the dishes to make up for taking back control of the TV remote! Warm wishes.

Sandy said...

Just think... a few weeks ago you were totally dependent on others, and now you are doing things to move forward to regaining some of that lost independence... congratulations!
All those little steps are adding up.... and I am sure that even drying the dishes is appreciated!!

Nick said...

So glad to hear that you are improving. Your strength and spirit are an inspiration, Sid. I hope that Revlimid works for you -- I have found it pretty easy to tolerate.

I think of you often and hope that you continue to mend quickly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your blog. My step dad has been diagnosed with this disease and having first hand accounts helps for him to deal with it more positively. I'll keep you in my prayers and good luck and health.