Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Myeloma, 8 year celebration

My initial myeloma diagnose was on June 1st 2001, 8 years ago.
On my blog home page is a counter that says:
Time since diagnose June 1st 2001, 2922 days, 8 years 0 months 0 days.
I feel very humble to have achieved an 8 year survival of myeloma especially as initial prognosis was 3 to 5 years. I have benefited from medical progress.
Good planning, good support, good attitude, good treatment, good family, good luck and good love have all contributed.
All my myeloma friends who are no longer with me are remembered today with love and respect. They taught me so much.
To my wife Myra, thank you, I love you.
Today I celebrate, tomorrow I continue living with myeloma.


Sandy said...

I think congratulations are in order, as well as a humbling prayer of thanksgiving for those who do have a longer life with MM offer hope to those who are struggling to achieve that end. May you live long and prosper, Sid.

laura said...

Hi Sid, I was reading your story, you are great, an inspiration, my Dad was diagnoised with MM a year ago, he has been getting chemo for the past year & in May 09 he was in remission, so they decided to give him a stem cell transplant, all went well, got his stem cells taken out, they were giving him a few months break, Dad notices a lump on his chest which is getting bigger, so he has to get a CT scan of his chest next week & they have to sort it out before he can get the stem cells put back in, I just worry so much about him, like you he is only in his early 50's, hopefully they can sort this out for him and they can go ahead with the transplant, I just hope my Dad has a good chance like you. Thank you for putting your storey up for people to see, it give hope to other sufferers and their family, best of luck and hope things keep going well for you.
Best Wishes