Sunday, June 7, 2009

VAD for myeloma, end of first cycle

A summary of the end of my VAD cycle 1 Monday 16th July 2001, treatment for myeloma.
My response to VAD and Aredia after the first 28 day cycle was excellent. IgG reduced from 80g/L to 26.4 g/L.
Reaction to VAD wasn’t too bad, the mouth and throat were OK, minor hair loss so I had it trimmed back to a No 2 not realising how much heat loss it would give. It was winter so I wore a beanie or cap all the time even in bed.
There was a minor deterioration in eyesight.
Had some constipation so used the Coloxyl laxative successfully.
I suffered hiccups for about 2 hours on 3 days early in the cycle.
Towards the end of the first cycle I started to suffer dry skin and lips so applied moisturiser and lip balm.
It was a struggle to get used to drinking 2L of fluid a day so I used a 500ml water bottle as a guide.
Concentration was down, probably the first indication of chemo brain.
Nausea was an issue very early on, so I used Maxolon all the time and experimented with ginger products. Both helped especially Maxolon but it never went away making eating a problem. Small helpings meant my food intake though reduced was maintained.
What surprised me was the number of pills I had to take in the morning. The maximum was 16 which I took in groups of 4, a new experience and a struggle for me.
Bone pain did not change, the pain relief (morphine and panadol) served its purpose well reducing a lot of pain. Still had to sleep on my back, the ribs and collapsed vertebrae were always a constant dull pain. There were sudden pockets of bone pain elsewhere that liquid morphine was used as break through pain relief.
Dexamethasone made me verbally aggressive, more abrupt and expressive. Mood swings from Dexamethasone were present occasionally during the first cycle. Sleep disturbance was a big issue so I had to resort to sleeping pills.

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