Saturday, June 13, 2009

VAD for myeloma, end of fourth cycle

A summary of the end of my VAD cycle 4 (final cycle) Monday 8th October 2001, treatment for myeloma.
Another successful VAD and Aredia cycle.
IgG at diagnose = 80 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 1 = 26.4 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 2 = 25.9 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 3 = 21.6 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 4 = 17.1 g/L
All other test results were normal.
There was no dexamethasone on this cycle.
Allopurin was stopped on day 9.
Again I suffered chemo induced nausea for 7 days with its associated disinterest in food. On day 8 I stopped the Maxolon and over the next few days my appetite increased.
During week 2 I developed a rash on my chest which cleared after 10 days. It was a fungal infection.
Bone pain had reduced considerably with no significant hot spots. My pain relief was Kapanol 10 morning and evening plus panadol every 4 hours. Kapanol will be stopped next month. Liquid morphine for break through was rarely used. I woke a few times at 5am with back pain that disappeared after panadol and a bit of moving around.
Physically I was much better, walking briskly, moving well and started gardening this month including light digging with a shovel.
A bone marrow biopsy was performed at the end of cycle 4.
Plasma 7% (June 12%)
Trephine 5% (June 10%)
At the end of cycle 4 I was considered to be in a state of stable partial remission and a discussion took place on what happens next, mainly the benefits of an autologous stem cell transplant. During VAD cycle 4 I had researched an ASCT and agreed for this to proceed.
Looking back over the 4 cycles, the first 2 were difficult with heavy nausea from chemo, continual bone pain and having to come to grips with cancer and emotions. The last 2 cycles were easier with nausea not so difficult and bone pain reducing. Dexamethasone side effects were a new experience especially the mood swings. Once I new what was happening I could cope.
I had put in place my way forward philosophy and "Team Sid", both important aspects of my myeloma survival.
My treatment option of VAD was in 2001. Treatment options for newly diagnosed myeloma now (2009) have changed.

Allopurin: A drug used to prevent high levels of uric acid in the body, including the increase caused by certain cancer medications.
Maxolon: Used for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. Up to four tablets per day.

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