Thursday, June 11, 2009

VAD for myeloma, end of third cycle

A summary of the end of my VAD cycle 3 Monday 10th September 2001, treatment for myeloma.
My response to VAD and Aredia after the third 28 day VAD cycle was again excellent.
IgG at diagnose = 80 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 1 = 26.4 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 2 = 25.9 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 3 = 21.6 g/L
All other test results were normal.
Dexamethasone was reintroduced in this cycle causing sleep disturbance, mood swings and bouts of hiccups. I had to use sleeping pills to get good sleep. Experienced an outbreak of acne type blemishes on the face and neck which was thought to be dexamethasone related and treated with a prescription ointment and eventually cleared.
Hair loss has thankfully stopped but dry skin and lips continued though not as bad as cycles 1 and 2.
Nausea was experienced for the first 10 days again reducing my appetite so I resumed the Maxolon. After 11 days nausea was gone, Maxolon stopped and the appetite was coming back again.
Bone pain was definitely reduced, I was more flexible, walking briskly and feeling physically stronger. The big news was I could now sleep on my sides, a big step forward for me. My slow release morphine Kapanol 20 was reduced to Kapanol 10 after week 2. For two evenings after stopping Kapanol I experienced restless legs lasting an hour while trying to sleep, a morphine withdrawal symptom. Two panadol every four hours was still continued and I only had to use the liquid morphine for break through pain 5 times this cycle.
There was some constipation during the first two weeks overcome by using Coloxyl laxative.
Work was increased to 6 hours per day.
Life was starting to get back to normal again.

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