Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VAD for myeloma, end of second cycle

A summary of the end of my VAD cycle 2 Monday 13th August 2001, treatment for myeloma.
My response to VAD and Aredia after the second 28 day VAD cycle was again excellent.
IgG at diagnose = 80 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 1 = 26.4 g/L
IgG at end of cycle 2 = 25.9 g/L
Bence-Jones protein negative, full blood count and other tests normal.
This cycle had no dexamethasone.
My hair loss this cycle was limited to the crown; my beard became patchy so I trimmed the beard back to a No1.
Nausea was experienced over the first 8 days then tapered off so I stopped the Maxolon on day 9. Following that I only had to use it on 3 other isolated days which was reflected in my appetite returning for the remaining 3 weeks.
Eyesight deterioration, dry skin and dry lips were still present though no worse than cycle 1. There were still no mouth or throat issues from chemo.
During the last 2 weeks of cycle 2 there was a noticeable reduction in bone pain. (6 to 8 weeks after initial VAD and Aredia). I was becoming more flexible and less restricted by bone pain. This was noticed when getting in and out of the car, being able to reach out and up and pick items off the floor. The liquid morphine for break through pain was used less this cycle. I was still using Kaponal 20 morning and evening plus panadol during the day. Pain was still present, over the final 2 weeks not as intense.
I had returned to work part time midway through the first cycle for 4 hours per day increasing this to 5 hours per day at the end of cycle 2. My occupation is a structural draughtsperson using CAD on a computer in an Engineering design office so there is no physical involvement that would be restricted by myeloma. Every second day I rested for 30 to 60 minutes on arriving home from work, just lying on the bed dozing or sleeping and resting my body.
Night time sleep was much better this cycle without the dexamethasone. I never had to use a sleeping pill at all. I still could only sleep on my back, the restriction there was rib pain.
I developed the first symptoms and signs of a hernia this cycle, not thought to be myeloma related.
My emotions were still up and down and it didn’t take too much for the tears to flow.
This cycle I resumed my walking for exercise, 30 minutes each day when I could and longer in the weekends, also resumed minor stretching.

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