Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rev-lite trial: end of cycle 2.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010 I completed my Rev-lite clinical trial cycle 2 (28 days) for myeloma.
Test results:
The test results available indicate that I am responding well to the new treatment.
Results from other tests that take longer to complete are not yet available. My myeloma results IgG, globulin, total protein etc continue to head downwards. The drop in my bloods (platelets, neutrophils, haemoglobin, red counts etc) at the end of 3 weeks of Lenalidomide puts them at the bottom of the "normal" range as expected. It is noted that Anaemia is present.
Side effects:
I have had no big reaction or side effects. This cycle 2 has been better than cycle 1 with minimal fatigue, not so sleepy, no rash, less dry skin. In cycle 1 my mouth started to feel “furry” and the bottom lip became tender about day 17. A similar thing occurred in cycle 2 but not as bad.
Dexamethasone has given me an increased appetite on some of the days I have it resulting in a 1kg (2.2 lbs) weight increase. There has been some sleep disturbance, nothing extreme enough for a sedative.
My myeloma bone pain has nearly disappeared indicating to me that the treatment is working. I can now sleep on my sides, roll over in bed and see where I am going when I reverse the car. During the next cycle I will be eliminating the pain relief. That will help identify any myeloma that is remaining.
Right femur, Lytic lesion and fracture:
The fracture in the lytic lesion of my right femur is healing.
I am now walking with no crutch, walking 30 minutes regularly for exercise and walking stairs.
All my support equipment has been returned except for the crutch. I only use that if people are around me, there are stairs to climb or if the ground is unstable.
Next Tuesday I have an appointment with orthopedics to x-ray and sign off the leg.
Pain relief:
My pain relief of Oxycontin slow release capsules has been reduced during cycle 2 to 20mg morning, 10 mg evening. During cycle 3 I hope to stop the Oxycontin. Any pain relief will then be paracetamol.
Peripheral neuropathy:
I have some peripheral neuropathy from previous chemotherapy and thalidomide treatment. To reduce the symptoms I take alpha-lipoic-acid capsules and vitamin B.
During cycle 2 there has been a small increase in my peripheral neuropathy in my feet, mainly a numbness of the feet especially the soles. In week 3 I began to experience foot cramps in the morning starting about an hour before waking. An evening drink of tonic water containing quinine was recommended. The taste was Yuk so I added orange juice. Good advice as the drink eliminated the cramp.
As a test I missed the drink one evening and yes, the cramp was there the next morning.
I have now added some magnesium vitamins as well.
I have some constipation originating from Lenalidomide, dexamethasone and Oxycontin. To control constipation I use Laxsol laxative at morning and evening meals varying the dose as required taking more during dexamethasone days or if there is no motion for 2 days. During the fourth week of cycle 2 I used no Laxol.
We have moved from the single beds downstairs to the main bedroom upstairs.
I am now driving the car.
Myra has observed that the hair loss at the two previous radiation spots for soft tissue plasmacytoma on my skull (Jan 2010) is starting to regrow. This is a pleasant surprise.
I am aiming for a return to work, initially 4 hours a day, after the right leg has been x-rayed and orthopedics say go.
Rev-lite clinical trial cycle 3 commences Wednesday 23rd June 2010.
The goal now is to continue the treatment through to end of cycle 4 when we redo all the initial tests, bone marrow biopsy, x-rays etc again to compare the beginning of treatment with the end of 4 treatment cycles.
If there is no change I get dropped off the trial. If there is improvement I can stay on indefinitely. So far there has been improvement.

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Anonymous said...

Great news!

Tell me the crutch - 'I only use that if people are around me...' - to fend off muggers or just for the attention! :D

Sandy said...

This is very good news, Sid, and we intend there is more to come!!!

Sid said...

Thanks folks from NZ the land of 4 million people and 50 million sheep. The crutch is for sympathy and attention. I'm a big boy now, I can walk by myself.
After these and recent comments I feel it is time for a posting on some NZ sheep jokes, fly the Kiwi flag and support our All Whites the national team in the world cup.


Nick said...

What WONDERFUL news, Sid!!!!! I am so happy to hear that it appears to be working!!!

You may have seen in my blog that I experienced leg cramps with Revlimid. This was pretty easily controlled through over-the-counter magnesium supplements. Something to bear in mind.

I will say a prayer for your continued favorable response and a long and deep remission.



Susie Hemingway said...

I was thrilled to read this post and know that you are responding to the Rev-lite trial - Oh! just wonderful. Also all the little tips contained here. Velcade did not work for Hamada and so Revlimid is to be next after a little rest so all this was most interesting to me. Keep up the great work Sid all very best wishes to you both.

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Sid! This is such a positive post, and thank you for all the details you give on controlling cramp and peripheral neuropathy pain - I will report back to my husband! Thanks for visiting my blog!