Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lytic lesion right femur update 3

Update right leg:
Update 3 on lytic lesion right femur from myeloma.
This week Tuesday 27th July 2010 I had an appointment with orthopedics to discuss bone progress at the lytic lesion on my right femur and to x-ray the leg
The rod and pins are all stable.
My treatment for myeloma (Rev-lite trial) is at cycle 3, end of week 1. I also have monthly infusion of Aredia.
X-ray showed the myeloma lytic lesion has not increased; it seems to have decreased and there is evidence of bone healing. I did not expect the lesion to reduce the day treatment started, the evidence is it is now working, starting to look like a real bone again. Because of good progress we will not have any radiation at this time. Radiation would have interfered with the trial protocol and the trial may have had to stop.
There is no pain in the right leg, I have more movement and strength is returning.

Left leg:
My left leg has minor myeloma deposits in the femur identified on previous x-ray. We are hoping the Rev-lite trial of Lenalidomide and dexamethasone will treat that.
Last Sunday I started to feel pain in my left femur about an hour after a long walk. This pain was similar to the lesion pain I originally felt in my right femur. Next day I had the right leg x-rayed and compared with the x-ray of 2 months ago. There was no change between x-rays, no fine cracks or fractures visible. It was difficult to determine the cause of pain so decision was to increase pain relief, stay off the leg for 2 to 3 days and monitor. So far the pain is reducing; today the leg is feeling better. The cause may be muscular or nerves.

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