Friday, July 30, 2010

Rev-lite trial: end of cycle 3.

Tuesday 20th July 2010 I completed my Rev-lite clinical trial cycle (28 days) for myeloma.
Test results:
The test results available indicate that I continue to respond well to the new treatment. Results from other tests that take longer to complete are not yet available. My myeloma results IgG, globulin, total protein etc continue to head downwards. The drop in my bloods (platelets, neutrophils, haemoglobin, red counts etc) at the end of 3 weeks of Lenalidomide puts them at the bottom of the "normal" range as expected. It is noted that Anaemia is present.
During cycle 3 I had suffered Candida which in combination with long term dexamethasone use resulted in my blood/sugar levels sky rocketing giving me diabetes type 2.
Link: Who let the dexo dogs out?
Dexamethasone increases the blood sugars. The final dexo days (17 to 20) coincided with my hospitalisation so the dexo was stopped for those four days. During cycle 4 on dexo days I control my blood/sugar levels by eating less carbohydrates and regular exercise which for me is walking. If this does not work I then will be increasing my twice daily insulin dosage.
Weight loss:
During this month I lost 7kg (15lbs) due to the Candida and diabetes, so far 1kg has gone back on. With my diabetes food recommendations now in place I don’t expect to regain much weight at all.
Pain relief:
My pain relief of Oxycontin slow release capsules has been stopped. Any pain relief will be controlled by paracetamol. There were no side effects during Oxycontin reduction but some side effect experiences after stopping completely. Mainly difficulty in getting to sleep, waves of restlessness in the arms. This reduced over 4 days and is no longer present.
Peripheral neuropathy:
During cycle 3 there has been a very small increase in my peripheral neuropathy in my feet, mainly a numbness of the soles. This does reduce during the 4th week of no Lenalidomide. Keeping my feet warm, using vitamins and Alpha-lipoic -acid helps reduce the peripheral neuropathy symptoms.
The diabetes was a big blow to me, I have now accepted it. Extra work now includes a change in eating habits, learning the nutritional values of food, no sugar, keeping a daily food diary, the three times a day finger pricks for blood/sugar monitoring, two times a day insulin injections and gaining diabetes knowledge. There will be a posting soon on the diabetes impact on my myeloma and what I am doing to keep it simple.
Cycle 4 has commenced including the scheduled dexo.

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