Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who let the dexo dogs out?

Who let the dexo dogs out; they mauled me and left me with diabetes.
My long term use of dexamethasone was a big contributor to my diabetes; it is a dexamethasone side effect.
We had been monitoring my glucose levels; there was a gradual increase but not too alarming. I do have a family history of diabetes.
Over the last 3 weeks I was experiencing increasing fatigue and tiredness. As I am on a clinical trial I kept the hospital informed. My mouth developed what looked like thrush, white patches on the tongue and mouth so off the GP who diagnosed oral Candida. This was treated with lozogenes. I was to return in 2 days.
Candida appears on the lining of your mouth and tongue. A compromised immune system increases the risk. An underlying condition such as diabetes may be a cause.
My condition quickly progressed to increased fatigue, dizziness, light headedness, brain fog, excessive thirst and increased urinary frequency (dibetes symptoms). Next morning I could barely function, off to the hospital where tests showed I was badly dehydrated and had a very high glucose reading. Diagnose was diabetes type 2 resulting in 5 days in hospital to control it. During the 3 weeks I lost 9 kg (20 lbs), need to put back on half of that.
When I was discharged I came home with a bad attitude, I wanted to leave my diabetes at the hospital. I did not want the 3 times daily blood glucose monitoring, the twice daily insulin injections, the constant thinking about what I can or can’t eat and all the new knowledge I need to live with diabetes. It was an unwanted intrusion into my life with myeloma.
I am living with myeloma, learnt a lot about it and was coping well. The Rev-lite trial has lowered my IgG levels, bone pain has gone, Lenalidomide and dexamethasone is working. One more cycle would get me to the next stage, less dexamethasone.
There is no escape, my attitude had to change and slowly it has. I have put all my diabetes information, monitoring meter, insulin pen, and needles into a cardboard box, a one stop shop. That’s the same in my head space; the diabetes is in a box not interfering with my myeloma.

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Sandy said...

Oh Sid, I am sorry to hear of your new challenge. My landlord told me the other day that he had to have a heart surgery and after he got home he discovered he was diagnosed with diabetes on top of his heart issues. It is distressing, to say the least, to be burdened with additional health issues on top of the MM. But your attitude adjustment technique is one I will remember... thanks for sharing. I'm cheering for your team!

Sid said...

Thanks Sandy, your love and care is appreciated.
Getting to grips with diabetes now.
There will be a few more postings on how I coped especially on my trial cycle 4 where I still have dexo 4 days on 4 days off. Dexo increases my blood sugars.

rhinoplasty los angeles said...

The diabetic patients have to be prescribed medicines with much care because there are some drugs that backfire on the patient and give rise to side effects which are very severe.You have to discuss this with your doctor at earliest opportunity.

Sid said...

Hullo Rhinoplasty,
Thank you for your comments. My medical team are on full alert giving me all the new information I need. This includes food, medication, supplements, exercise, life style etc.