Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decision made to be a myeloma survivor

At the conclusion of my second appointment with my haematologist (June 2001) I made a decision that I wanted to be a myeloma survivor.
My test results from the previous week had arrived proving that I had multiple myeloma. My haematologist explained what multiple myeloma was, my current diagnose, what treatment was available and what treatment options I had. A stem cell transplant in the future was mentioned though not discussed in depth. Examples of myeloma survival were discussed as was the progress of future treatment, hope was on the horizon
There were more urgent matters to consider, initial treatment. That was to be VAD (Vincristine, Adriamycin and Dexamethasone.)
After that appointment I felt more confident that I could fight my cancer. I could now see a way forward.
At home that evening I stood in front of a mirror looking straight into my eyes and said “My name is Sid Hider. I have cancer, multiple myeloma. It is a cancer with no cure. I am going to fight it. I will be a survivor, I will be a survivor”.
This I repeated daily for the next two weeks and at regular intervals there after.
By doing that I admitted I had cancer, took ownership and started planning for my survival. My attitude became positive again. I would not tolerate any negativity from myself or others that would compromise my survival.
Even though I was on an emotional roller coaster I knew a way forward, the plan to survive had started.
A daily diary had been started from day one. A record of how I felt physically and emotionally, medication, thoughts, medical information and all my contacts. That proved invaluable allowing me to look back and see my progress and to recall any event.
I have always had the ability to focus on an issue, to plan and execute an end result and good powers of concentration. All of those attributes were going to be called upon for me to survive.
Positive affirmations became important to me. They were repeated like a mantra.

  • I will be a survivor.
  • Never give up, never never ever ever give up.
  • I will stack the odds in my favour.
  • Multiple myeloma go away, get out of my body.
  • I can’t change the past but I can influence the future.
  • Focus, focus, focus.
  • My illness, my body, my treatment.

The foundation was being built for my way forward.

Haematologist: A doctor who specialises in the diagnose and treatment of diseases of the blood, bone marrow and immune system.

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