Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's a rat eating my hand

A work colleague at the time of my DVT was Richard whose wife is a doctor. Richard is a good husband who listens to his wife so has gained an above average knowledge of medical matters.
Richard said to me “Sid, you are taking warfrin. Do you realise that warfrin is a rat poison?”
“No” I said. “That’s great, I am being stuffed full of chemo and now they give me rat poison”.
That night while sleeping Myra heard me making strange noises, trying to talk and becoming distressed. At that time I was on morphine for pain relief and suffered a morphine side effect of a dry mouth. Because of bone damage I could only sleep on my back which gave me a tendency to sleep with my mouth open that also gave me a dry mouth. I woke with a very dry mouth, so dry I could not talk, just gasp and grunt like an animal. Myra got out of bed to find my water bottle, gave me water to moisten my mouth and tried to calm me down.
Distressed I said to her "There’s a rat eating my hand, there’s a rat eating my hand”.
Myra looked at my hand and assured me that there was no rat and my hand was still intact and uneaten.
Continuing I said “It must be somewhere, look under the bed”.
Myra looked under the bed. “No rat there” she said.
I have a vivid imagination and often have dreams, usually a good dream rarely a bad dream. My arm was out of the bed on a strange angle causing my hand to suffer pins and needles. This put my subconscious into overdrive. Warfrin, rat poison, pain in hand, I dreamt that there was a rat eating my hand. It was scary at the time, now a good laugh.
Who said there’s no fun having cancer?

Morphine: A drug extracted from opium used in medicine as an anaesthetic and sedative.

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Sandy said...

I'll bet the reading ratio on your blog went up significantly with that headline, Sid! So glad it was all just a dream... and wish for you that your dream of staying on plateau or CR is realized....