Monday, April 20, 2009

Needs assessor

At my first appointment with my Haematologist he arranged for a visit by a local district health board nurse to assess my needs.
My first need was a Lotto win. No luck there, they could not help with that.
The nurse came and assessed my condition, mobility, asked questions about how I was managing and explained what services they could offer.
We live in a two story town house. She asked about the stairs, they were no problems
for me as long as I took them slowly. The stairs were used as an important tool in my physical recovery. No obstacles inside or out were found.
Transport was not a big issue as I could still drive. Myra does not drive so options for when I could not drive were discussed. Myra was caring for me with showering, dressing and undressing, meals and doing the housework like only she can do.
After assessment it was decided that I would be provided with a shower chair and a bed lever and access to a physiotherapist for advice on exercise.
We have a large size shower with a slide shower complete with detachable head. The shower chair made it easier for me to shower and Myra to assist. Mobility and being unable to reach around my back or bend over were my problems.
Getting in and out of bed was a painful struggle. Myra had to assist me. The bed lever was a great help. With the base of the lever jammed between mattress and bed base it was very stable. Once I had sorted out a technique I felt more confident with it and did not need Myra’s help for that anymore.
Needs assessment NZ, a good practical service by caring people.

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