Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The first time I had chemotherapy as treatment for myeloma (June 2001) I was introduced to the “blue room”. There I had a selection of comfortable lazy boy chairs all colour blue, hence the name blue room.
Myra was with me for support. My nurse did the intravenous line and in went the chemotherapy and aredia for the first time accompanied by a little prayer on that significant occasion.
Sitting opposite me was an elderly lady receiving treatment, the only other patient in the room. Myra struck up a conversation like she always does and asked what her name and illness was.
“My name is Elizabeth and I am having my monthly infusion of aredia. I have multiple myeloma” she said. “I have been living with it for 14 years”.
Well, that was mind blowing. Here I was having never met another myeloma patient, thinking I was one of the few people to have this rare cancer, being told there is no cure, yet sitting opposite me was a lady with myeloma who has had it for 14 years!!!!!!
Elizabeth told us she went to the multiple myeloma support group where she received good support and companionship from patients with the same cancer. I had been told about the multiple myeloma support group by the cancer society and had intended to go to the next meeting.
This first meeting with Elizabeth confirmed to me my belief that I wanted to be a survivor.
Elizabeth became an inspiration to me and a very good friend.
Unfortunately Elizabeth passed away 3 years later after being a myeloma patient for 17 years.
In a corner of my heart there is a red rose for Elizabeth.

Chemotherapy: Treatment using anti-cancer drugs.
Aredia: A bisphosphonate, used to prevent or treat high calcium levels in cancer. Also useful in strengthening bones in multiple myeloma to prevent fractures and pain.

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